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For so many years, garlic is considered as a means of cure of different diseases (including high blood pressure, infections and snakes' poisonous bites), while recently has been proved that it reduces cardiovascular diseases and neoplasms, and it also has a strong anti-virus effect.

They called the fruit of sin. In ancient times many people considered it as the symbol of immortality. The Greeks and many other people use the proverb "An apple a day keeps the doctor away. "

The effect of oranges and other citrus fruits has been involved in preventing diseases such as cancer, coronary heart disease, diabetes, cataracts, arthritis, senile macular degeneration of the eye, Alzheimer's disease and inflammatory bowel disease.

The Τangerine is the fruit of tangerine (scient.: Citrus reticulata), a small citrus tree. It is much like the orange. Its shape is not spherical but ellipsoidal. Tangerines are usually eaten raw or in fruit salads.

The watermelon (scient.: Citrullus Ianatus) is a fruit which comes from southern Africa. The varieties that are consumed today can reach a weight of several pounds. The watermelon's exterior is smooth and has color shades of green and sometimes with alternating dark and light green stripes. The shell is hard enough, with a thickness of about one hundredth and has a white color inside. The main part of the watermelon inside is soft, red and contains many black seeds (or white) and contains large quantities of water.

The melon, Ancient Greek pepon (the common), is the fruit of the melon. Depending on the variety of melons, they differ in shape, size, color of the skin and flesh, the aroma and flavor. So we have round or oval shape, skin thick or thin, yellow or greenish colour, smooth surface peel or woody, sweet and fragrant taste, solid flesh, juicy, soft or hard in the center of the blank forms and there are numerous seeds. Melons are among the most popular summer fruits.