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Onions are grown by us and by affiliated producers, in order the process of production, transportation and storage to be controlled. In this way we achieve tasty and quality products.

Sweets Thessaly onions are primarily grown in the area of Larissa from selected seeds. We have winter and summer crops.

The mild climate of Larissa, in conjunction with short day varieties of winter onions which are sown in the months October-November and we harvest in April-May.

Our summer crop is by our seeding in February-March with long days seed and collection in July and August.

Another positive factor that favors significantly very the tasty and sweet onions are the fields which are cultivated every 4-5 years which means that the earth takes the time needed to give the maximum to the next seed.

We also trade Thebes onion and onions imported from France, Germany, Holland, Egypt and other countries.

We can pack onions based on customer requirements.