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Company profile Refrigarators Packers of Larissa Ltd.


It all started, in 1989 as a family business in Larissa cultivating vegetables. Then with passion for our work we activated in packaging and standardization of agricultural products. In 2004, the family business converted into a company called Refrigerators-Packers of Larissa. It built its premises in the industrial area of Larissa around 10000t.m, including modern, sorting and packaging machinery, cool stores and warehouses to maintain the products in an excellent state.

Having experience in agriculture with special expertise agronomists, we produce our products on our private land using modern farming methods. At the same time, it enters into contracts with producers of the Thessalian plain to ensure quality and reduce costs.

Our company has cultivation, harvesting and transportation of products machinery.

The packer has credentials ISO 9001:2000 and HACCP and our products have been certified with GLOBAL Cap. Our company keeps a traceability system to ensure the consumers' health.

The Refrigerators-Packers of Larissa transfer their products to Super Market chains, in central vegetable markets and retailer shops. Also it has been exporting its products to Bulgaria, Serbia, Romania and others through the recent years.

The company's objective for the upcoming years is to provide our customers with guaranteed quality products at low prices through strict selection of producers and their products. The most important guarantee that we provide is our consistency.

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